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About Us

VSNT serves as an extension of your family veterinarian’s practice. Once referred, we maintain a strong relationship between the pet owner, our hospital, and your referring veterinarian. Our philosophy is to discuss all of the diagnostic and treatment options with the client to enable them to make informed decisions regarding their pet’s therapy.

Our Advantages

Our staff believes wholeheartedly in the strength of the human-animal bond and strives to support the emotional needs of the pet owner as well as the specific medical needs of their pets.

Why Choose Us

Great strides have been made in treatment of diseases of pets in the last decade. Many diseases may be treated while preserving a high quality of life. Our doctors are committed to caring for your pet with cutting edge therapy and loving attention. We pride ourselves in our ability to treat the whole patient in the best possible manner. In many cases, patients with serious conditions are often older. As they are older, there are more chances for the patient to have coexisting disease such as renal, liver, heart, respiratory or endocrine disease. Our team consists of oncology and internal medicine specialists to work with you and your pet to develop treatment protocols that will be tailored to best treat your patient. In some cases, your pet may require surgery to enhance treatment success. If so, we work closely with the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center (located in our facility), or your referring veterinarian.