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Veterinary Specialists of North Texas
Average rating:  
 33 reviews
 by Steve Turnbow
VSNT Great Care

Roxie our German Shepard had several years added to her life. If you want the very best of care for your best friend, from very caring people this is the very best to go to. Dr Burney and his staff know what they are doing and give the best of care and they are the best that I have ever been to.

 by Patricia Rampy
Such grace at a difficult time.

VSNT (FORT WORTH) is a remarkable place. Caring AND efficient!!! From the start I knew Satchmo was in the right place. Based on current research Dr. Rodriquez and Dr. Cook went straight to work. Kudos to the front desk staff, Lauren (you are the best!!!), and everyone in the back! Satchmo NEVER hesitates to go back for treatment, you make him feel like he is the ONLY ONE. Thank you for providing him (and me) a shot at the future.

 by Charles & Sarah
Amazing care

Dr. Tims and the staff were awesome. They provided excellent care of our Iggy and explained everything clearly, so we could make an educated decision about our little man’s care.

 by Patricia Tilson
Caring for Abby

If you need an internist for your pet, I highly recommend Dr. Munro. She is kind, calm, reassuring, and so good at explaining things in way I could understand. When I went to pick up Abby, Dr. Munro came out to the waiting area and sat down with me. When Abby was brought out, of course, she wanted to get to me. But here’s the thing, after Abby nuzzled me a bit, she stepped over a bit and nuzzles Dr. Mruo. That was the only recommendation I needed.

 by Mark O’Neill
Dr. LaRue Is Great

Dr. LaRue is great! Her treatment of our Golden Retriever, Catcher, has been terrific.

 by Stephanie
Exceptional Care and Compassion from VSNT

Words cannot begin to describe the exceptional staff at VSNT. My personal experience with VSNT started in August 2021. Our girl Rora was diagnosed with high-grade lymphoma and required immediate treatment.
We were grateful to find Dr. Burney for our girl Rora. He knew how to calm her down when she became anxious. He gave our girl just shy of one year, which was better than we could ask for, given her advanced stage. Every time she experienced a setback, he found a way to continue providing her with an excellent quality of life. Sadly, Rora has passed; however, her brothers Banner and Max are receiving that same compassion and level of care from both Dr. Burney and Dr. LaRue. I could speak positively about VSNT for hours, but for now, I will end with VSNT, a 5-star hospital.

 by Jenny

VSNT is one of my best finds. It started when one of my dogs had cancer and had to have radiation after his surgery in 2016. Spenser is still doing well and cancer free at almost 13 years old now. VSNT also has many other advanced technologies and areas of expertise to help your pet either recover from or extend their lifetime comfortably. The veterinarians there have had advanced training in their particular field of interest beyond what your primary veterinarian has had. In addition to the oncology department my dogs have also.  In addition to the oncology department my dogs have also been patients in their surgery and internal medicine departments. I drive 50 miles one way to use their facilities and it is worth it knowing my pet has had the best possible care with the most up to date knowledge and equipment to support it. The staff is caring and compassionate and kind whether it is the front desk, technicians, or doctors. Explanations are clear and questions asked are welcomed. A special shout out goes to Dr. Burney and Diane. Tate and Clare bark their thank you.

 by Donna Clarin
Wonderful vets

Dr. LaRue and staff and wonderful! So compassionate and kind. Everyone there is friendly and wants the best for your pet.

 by Kiersten Chalmers
Family Like Staff & Rockstars!

I’m “Bayne” Chalmers Mom (current patient & chemo champ). Doctor Allstadt, Morgan & Ashley have been a huge piece of our lives for just over a year now & we love them all! They truly take care of my boy which in turn, takes care of me. They are like extended family to us now & genuinely care for the owners of their pet patients as well. They saved the most important thing in my life when he was diagnosed at stage 3 lymphoma cancer. He went into remission after 3 doses! A miracle! There’s an amount of gratitude to those 3 women (all VSNT staff) I will never be able to pay back & I know my (not so little) baby is always in the best hands every time it’s time to come visit his “girlfriends” every month. Thank you VSNT for continuing to keep my boy happy & healthy!

 by Kimberly
5 ⭐️

It’s the clinic you hope you never need…. BUT, if you do! They ROCK!! My baby has Epitheliotropic Lymphoma and Dr LeRue is taking the best care of her! She’s had such great improvements in just 1 chemo pill session! She feels great and we are gonna kick cancers Booty!! So happy to have this clinic so close to home! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ And the staff is so warm and caring! ❤️

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